Workshop on Smart Garments: Sensing, Actuation, Interaction, and Applications in Garments

Cloths offer the chance to unobtrusively integrate new functionalities, but most wearable electronic devices that have come to market are technically similar to smart phones. They come in the form factor of watches and glasses, which are wearable. It is essential to take into account that garments and cloths are fundamentally different from these electronic devices. Including wearable sensing, actuation, and communication technologies directly into garments offers great opportunities, but is technically still a great challenge. Manufacturing processes for fabrics and cloths, drivers for fashion, and user expectation with regard to comfort and durability are not comparable to classical electronic devices.

In smart watches and glasses applications resemble common smart phone functionality (e.g., picture taking, (instant) messaging, voice communication, presentation of reminders) with new input and output channels. In contrast to this, new possibilities for sensing, actuation, and interaction are opening entirely new applications on garments.

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