The SimpleSkin project proposes a fundamentally new approach to wearable sensing that will provide an unprecedented amount of information on the wearer’s activities and physiological parameters with clothes that, with respect to their properties, appearance, production process, and price, will be virtually undistinguishable from today’s standard garments.

While the idea of long term personal monitoring has been around in research communities for a long time, it has only had little impact until the recent emergence of sensor-enabled smart phones have facilitated broad acceptance and easy deployment. However, the type of parameters that we are able to record and evaluate using phones remains limited: location, modes of locomotion, number of steps etc. Physiological parameters such as pulse, ECG or breathing rate still require quite cumbersome instrumentation and are rarely used in long term, everyday monitoring. 

In this project we aim to change that and develop technological and methodological foundations for the next generation personal monitoring systems.